Miss Jade

Strike your Balls for Stroking

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Posted: 04/07/2016
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Category: CBT
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Mindfuck , Tease & Denial , Femdom POV , Cock Tease , Masturbation , Domination
Last time I had you punch your balls each and every time your greedy eyes wandered toward my tempting ass. Today you may look all you want, BUT if you catch your self stroking.. if you even catch your hand wandering or even thinking about it, then you must strike yourself in the balls. You may use a wooden brush, rolling pin, Large spoon, hammer... I don't care. Just make sure it packs a punch. I'm sure by the end you'll be striking and stroking like a seasoned champ! lol This is yet another way I train my subs to be more respectful toward women. You're welcome. Contains elements of; CBT Instruction, Femdom POV, Sensual Domination, Masturbation Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Ass Worship, Brat Girls, Cock Tease, Tease & Denial, Orgasm Denial