Christina Q

Spandex Hitwoman

Price: $19.99
Clip length: 00:22:16
Posted: 01/03/2014
File size: 126 MB
Category: Female Domination
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This was a special custom vid request I charged $1,000 to do. However, the gentleman never sent me so much as a "Hey, thanks Christina," so I'm sharing it with you guys. Here's the basic idea, from a fairly long email conversation:

"In the story, you are a sexy and sadistic ass.assin. You have just met your mark at a bar orparty and brought him to the place where you will dispose of him.... You and your markstart flirting. He thinks there's going to be sex, and you lead him on...When the two of youare very close, in an embrace, you grab his windpipe between the fingers of one hand,choking him.....He regains consciousness. In front of him, on the floor, he sees youstretching. You are wearing a leotard and tights, not lingerie-style, but rather the kind youwould wear to work out in. The tights are opaque and stirruped or footless ...

He sees you on the floor in front of him. You are in the process of stretching, clearly preparingfor something athletic...Your warm-up intimidates him and turns you on. This sceneshould go on for a few minutes -- it'll be an excellent tease! After you notice that he haswoken up, you speak sexily to him, something like the following:

'Hope you had a nice nap. You might be wondering what's going on here. You thought youwere picking me up, but you were my mark all along.Tonight, I'm going to ki11 you...'

You then attack him with leg-scissors, chokes, kicking, with pantyhose, C&Btorture, ballkicking -- please use your imagination! You accompany it with teasing andverbal humiliation, At the end of the extended beatdown, he is broken, at your feet, andhe begs you to end his life."

I ended up having a blast with this theme, put a Christina twist on it. ;) Hope you enjoy me playing the bad guy, for once!