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Shiny Glossy Lipstick Kisses

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Posted: 04/03/2013
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Category: Mouth
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Kissing , Tongue , Licking , Lipstick , Cuckolding

I'm getting ready for my date and letting you watch me apply my make-up. I know you love seeing my soft full lips get coated with layers of shiny lipstick and sticky thick gloss! I have to make sure my lips are perfect for when I kiss my date tonight! Aww, you wish you could kiss me too, don't you? Haha.. well I'll just tease you while I'm getting ready. I'll let you see my mouth, lips, teeth and tongue as I apply my lipstick and gloss, in between licking my perfect shimmery pout and leaning in to kiss you just close enough so that you can imagine what it feels like! Anyway, time for my date now! Bye - *muah*!

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