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Sarah Jain Self Wedgies With An Atomic Ending

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Clip length: 00:11:46
Posted: 01/11/2012
File size: 139.08 MB
Category: Panty Fetish
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Upskirt , Camel Toe , Strip Tease , Tease & Denial , Cock Tease

FULL HD - 1920x1080 (4000kbs)Sarah Jain has a little treat for you. She has three pair of panties to give herself wedgies with in this extra long self wedgie video. She starts off with a thong and of course it gives her a severe camel toe right from the start. When she tries to get them over her shoulders they can't take it and she ends up ripping them right off. The second pair is cute cotton panties that hold up pretty good to her stretching and pulling. She can't get these all the way over her shoulders but they won't rip either so she finally gives up and moves onto the next pair. These are really stretchy boy shorts and without too much trouble she gets them over her shoulders. What she really wants to do though, is get them over her head into an atomic wedgie. She just can't get a good enough grip to do it herself so she asks the camera man for help. This way she's able to put all of her weight into it! Just before they make it over her head the panties get a hole in them but that doesn't stop her. She keeps pulling and finally gets the waist up over her head and around her neck for the ending!Click HERE for frame grabs from the entire clip!