Pepper Kester Denied Full

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Posted: 07/13/2012
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Category: BDSM
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Tickling , Fucking Machines , Barely Legal

Starring Pepper Kester & MaX CoXXX in HD!


Pepper is bound on the X very tightly. A ball gag & nipple clamps are added.  Orgasmitter is incepted into her pussy & a Hitachi is mounted to her clit. From experience I know making Pepper cum over & over is no feat. So I wired everything threw a remote switch. As soon as she starts to cum, I shut it down. Denied! That’s most of the video. Then I just crank Orgasmitter up & let it do it’s work. I tickle & torment Pepper, beating the souls of her feet & poking her with a stick. She taps out twice. Once when her poor lil nipples can’t take the clamps any more & when she finally cums the last of her brains out.