Christina Q

Pantyhose Housewife

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Clip length: 00:05:46
Posted: 01/29/2014
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Category: Female Domination
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Can't turn a ho into a housewife? I beg to differ!An extended version of one of my most popular YouTube videos. I play wifey for you, cooking you dinner in a casual girlfriend-y outfit (you know, that stage where we've been going out for a while, so I'm totally comfortable wearing next to nothing). Microfiber dancer tights, boy shorts, cute little crew socks. Your POV shifts as I tend to different kitchen tasks for you. Calves when I have to reach up high for something. Sock feet while I mince veggies. Butt close-ups when I bend to retrieve dishes. And I know what you're thinking, bet I'll get a handful of emails doubting me, so let me head it off at the pass: Yes, this is absolutely what I wear around the house, when I'm alone. No over-sized T-shirts or flip flops, here. I wear pantyhose for me, and sometimes you. :)