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Posted: 12/08/2012
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Category: Financial Domination

Blackm@iled Neighbor My creepy neighbor is always leering at me, lurking around always trying to sneak a peak of me tanning in my bikini or working out in my tiny tight workout shorts. I've decided to invite him over... and have him fall right into my trap. I can see his pecker throbbing in his pants the second he sees me in my panties and sheer top... I work him up and get him stroking his boner. There's no way out for him now... all I have to do is text the photos I took of him stroking like a pathetic loser and his wife will leave him, his career will be destroyed... So what does this little bastard have to do to keep me happy and his life in check? Just come over every friday with his boner and paycheck ready to be milked! Now we are a happy little neighborhood!