Christina Q

Mummy Wish Granted

Price: $24.99
Clip length: 00:32:12
Posted: 12/20/2013
File size: 370.02 MB
Category: Bondage
Secondary categories:
Orgasm Control , Female Domination

His request: "I love the man-shaped bench in your "mummy Motivation" video. I'd love to be mummified to that as tightly/strictly as you can. I also really love the idea of wearing earphones piping in white noise so that I'm completely cut off. And be *completely* wrapped up -- not even nipples or nose showing (do you do breathing tubes?).... I'd love to leave things completely to you -- not having any idea whether you're going to edge me, t*****e me, make me cum over and over or send me home horny..."

My response: I wrapped him up verrrry securely--this was my best mummification ever, I believe, and you know I've done many mummies in the past few years. You only know the ones I've filmed. If I had to guess, I'd say I've wrapped up hundreds of men, all shapes and sizes, different degrees of tightness, multiple materials, everything from fiberglass to pantyhose. ...I used at least a thousand yards of mini-pallet wrap (not an exaggeration, I spent more than 40 minutes on the first layer of wrapping!), lots of vetrap and duct tape, gauze to keep his head insulated and feeling fuzzy and drowsy -- yes, those are headphones, we did the sensory deprivation thing, all he could here was airplanes droning through a thunderstorm.

From there, it's a mix of mean and maternal, wet and electric, getting close and not-a-chance. An amazing ride for edging addicts. His (involuntary, he later told me) screams are really distracting to me, as you'll see on video, and between that and all the lube, I "deny" him once or twice on accident... it's ok, though, my little mummy gets a happy ending, sort of. :)