Christina Q

M***y's Eternal Jerk Torment

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Clip length: 00:15:33
Posted: 01/19/2014
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Category: Female Domination
Secondary categories:
Humiliation , Bondage

My d******r Molly is a gorgeous goth girl who wants to be just like her m***y. She's my little princess, my favorite--oh, yeah, I have a ***, too. He takes after his f****r. He's a bit of a sissy, always sneaking around, stealing panties from his big s****r (like we didn't notice!), jerking off to home videos of us in bikinis, rubbing our worn pantyhose all over his ittle wittle baby dick. Pathetic.<P>

The day I catch wittle whiny sissy baby boy jerking into my best lingerie, I decide to teach him a lesson. Love pulling on that silly thing so much, we'll MAKE you jerk it, nonstop, no matter how much you cum, until your hands get chafed and you have dick PTSD!