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Manipulating little billy Part 2

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Posted: 10/28/2013
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Tease & Denial , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Cuckolding

Of course my dorky little br0ther couldn't help coming back for more:

"You are in your bedroom and you call little br0ther Billy in and explain to him that M0m told you that you had to clean up your messy room if you wanted to be able to go out tonight and of course it is a disaster zone! You could really use his help! Will Billy help you with this mess? Of course Billy will help! He gets to work right away! However, right at the start, your cell phone rings. It's your BFF and you have SO MUCH to talk about! You look at Billy and silently hold up your finger indicating that you will only be a quick second chatting with your friend. You lay back on the bed and immediately begin telling her all about your fabulous date with Tommy the other night. He is sooo muscle-ly and he is "hung like a horse!" You talk about the great sex you had with him (with a quick knowing glance at Billy). You lay back on your bed and because you are wearing only a skimpy tee-shirt (without a bra!) your little b*****r is treated to a fantastic view of your sexy legs and a crotch covered only in sexy, skimpy panties as you absent-mindedly cross and uncross and wiggle your long, beautiful legs and check out the nail polish job on your toes. (You are feminine delight and you love to flaunt it!) You soon forget your br0ther is even there as you are so wrapped up in your discussion with your friend. Before you know it, you are wrapping up your conversation and Billy has COMPLETELY cleaned up your room and you haven't lifted a finger to help! What a sweetheart he is! You thank Billy for "helping" clean your room and you tell him your back is sooooooooo sore. Would he pleeeeeezze massage it for you?! Well, of course Billy is happy to help! You roll over on your tummy and prattle on about how it aches and this massage feels sooooo good. Of course little Billy is in heaven with this view of your delicious bottom mere inches away from his hands (and mouth)! You absent-mindedly pick up a Victoria's Secret catalog and glance through some of the pages as Billy tries to please you. You point to a page in the catalog and ask dear Billy, "doesn't this bra and panties set look so fabulous?" "I bet I would look sooooo hot in that outfit!" Billy agrees completely! You add " but its soooo expensive . . . . I can't afford that. I never have any money!" You give Billy that mischievous, alluring, manipulative look and spring your trap. You suggest, maybe he could get it for you? You know he saved a ton of money mowing all those lawns and doing yard work all summer. Would he pretty please get it for you so you could show Tommy how hot you can rock that lingerie?! "If you do, I will promise to try it on for you," you volunteer. "Would I like that?" "Letting you see me wearing nothing but these sexy panties and bra?" (I think we both know what Billy's answer is!) You thank your b*****r sooooooo much for doing all these great favors for you. You then send him away to get you a glass of ice water with a slice of cucumber, yum!, while you get ready for your night out. If he hurries, you will let him watch you get ready and put your make-up on and maybe you will even let him do your laundry while you are out all night!"

I even give the little pervert a special surprise treat at the end!!