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Manchester Pops Balloons Naked

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Clip length: 00:21:41
Posted: 02/02/2012
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Category: Balloons
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Inflatables , Crush , Panty Fetish , Ass , Fetish Actions

FULL HD 1920x1080 (4000kbs) Manchester wakes up to find she's missed a party and is surrounded by balloons. She playfully pops them all with her cute little butt. Sometimes they pop when she least expects it and more than a few times the popping balloons give her a nice little smack on the butt. The last and largest balloon is a hard one to pop no matter how hard she tries. You can even hear the crackle of the static electricity building up as she bounces on it trying to pop it. In the end when she's almost given up she gets a surprise when the balloon finally pops and drops her on her butt:)Click HERE for frame grabs from the entire clip