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Kymberly Jane Gives Herself Hanging Wedgies

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Clip length: 00:05:24
Posted: 04/22/2012
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Category: Panty Fetish
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Upskirt , Self Bondage , Bondage , Fetish Actions

FULL HD - 1920x1080 (4000kbs)Kymberly Jane tries to give herself FOUR hanging wedgies in this clip. On the first one we didn't quite have the hook high enough so she was able to touch the ground with her toes. She tries running away a couple of times though and rips the panties right off. For the next two we raised the hook quite a bit so there would be nothing to keep her from putting her full weight on her panties. Both of these only slow her down a little before ripping off just like the first pair. For the last one she put on two pair of matching panties. These hold a little longer but in the end they ripped as well! Check out the frame grabs to see her hang:)Click HERE for frame grabs from the entire clip!

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