Worship Miss Adrienne

Intense Popper Seduction

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:12:16
Posted: 05/16/2013
File size: 426 MB
Category: BDSM
Secondary categories:
Authority Figures , Magic , High Heels , Ass Worship
Richards custom request: "I would love it if you used the style of, I DARE YOU NOT TO BECOME MY ASS PUPPET. In the clip, you confidently explain how you will cause a severe ass and love addiction for you. Your approach would be very seductive and maternal; using phrases similar to: "relax for m***y"; "you need a woman to control and enslave you"; "give in to your desires and your fetishes"; "good boy"; "surrender to me honey"; etc. You would facilitate my enslavement by intoxicating me with poppers; which you will continually instruct me to use them throughout the clip. Would you wear high heels and the latex pants?" Richards reaction: "WOW! That clip was outstanding and it's due in no small part to your creativity. I've never encountered a woman who so strongly possessed the traits of sensuousness and seductiveness. Thank you so much Adrienne."