Samantha Grace

I Make You Younger Ipod MP4

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Posted: 05/14/2012
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Category: Shrinking
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Tit Worship , Magic , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Tits

You are my loser boyfriend who has been cheating on me. I am sick and tired of your bad behavior so, I learn a new magic trick. I reduce your size and make you totally dependent and helpless. As I wave my hand, you regress younger. It's kind of a turn on that I am your sexy older girlfriend. I can tell your are getting excited by the response in your pants so, I order you to take off all your clothes. Too bad you have been cheating on me, or we could have sex. I tease you and tell you how I want you to touch yourself for me.


I get tired of your ways and wave my hand again. This time you regress even younger. I giggle about your small hard cock. I also, make fun of you for being so much younger then me. So, young that it is impossible to have sex, with you. I keep teasing you with my body and instructing you how to jerk off for me. I humiliate you by stating, “Can you even cum now?”


I decide you need to be younger and regress you further. I make fun of your tiny grape size balls. You definitely can't cheat on me, because no one wants to have sex with someone so immature. Now I want to make you totally dependent on me so, I regress you once again. I pick you up and coo to you how, cute you are. I am not longer your girlfriend and now, I am your m***y. So, I breast feed you. When dinner is over, I put you to bed. You are just too small to do anything.