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I took your girlfriends virginity

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Posted: 04/17/2013
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So you thought you could break up with my best friend and spread rumors about her being a slut around school?? Well she told me some things about you and your little dick too! You were probably the worst she's ever had in bed! Is that why you thought you had to dump her for a virgin?? Well I'm gonna teach you a lesson, loser. Nobody fucks with my best friend. I invited your sweet innocent little girlfriend to a party last weekend and let's just say, she's not so innocent anymore! I wanted to make sure you NEVER get what you want from her, so I fucked her with this big thick strap-on and she loved every inch of it stretching out her tight pussy! If you even think about showing her your pathetic dick she'll just laugh at you now!! So go ahead loser, keep taking her out and paying for your dates.. after you drop her off at home your sweet little girlfriend is gonna be calling ME for sex!