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I smoke YOU Stroke...YOU finish when I FINISH (mp4)

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Posted: 12/14/2011
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Category: Orgasm Control
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Lipstick , Masturbation Instruction , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV

I am going to sit back in front of the Warm Cozy fire and enjoy a nice long smoke, I know these bright red lips drive you crazy, look at them so plump and full just another one of my Naturally perfect qualities that leave your dickie throbbing, I instruct you to begin stroking for me, teasing you with my cleavage in my red lace lingerie, with every inhale, every puff, every French Snap I edge you closer and closer to Cumming but you wouldn’t dare disappoint Goddess B by Cumming Prematurely now would…no, no, no, you’re going to hold out, until my very last drag, when pre cum is oozing from your cock and your balls are on fire, then and only then after my sensual countdown will I allow you to come, the whole time taking control over you in ways you can’t begin to understand, putting a little smoking spell on you that is sure to make life…interesting to say the least. Every time you see a cigarette lit, being smoked, even smell the aroma of a burning cigarette in the air you will not be able to hold back that bulge in your pants…and the mess that will soon follow all thanks to me and my twisted smoking games… This clip contains Masturbation instructions, Lipstick/gloss, Lip Fetish, Smoking, French inhale, Snap Puffs, Smoking tricks, Orgasm control, GUIDED male Ejaculation, Edging, Cum Countdown, Extreme close ups, Mouth fetish, Goddess worship, Femdom POV and More!