Goddess Saffron

HypnoSub - Ditch the Bltch Part 2

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Clip length: 00:18:28
Posted: 06/09/2016
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Category: Mindfuck
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Home Wrecker , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Female Domination
Best viewed after watching HypnoSub - Ditch The Bitch. In the last clip I made you face the realisation that your girlfriend was pulling you down and restricing your freedom. In this continuation clip, I get right down to the bones of girlfriend humiliation. First I put you under my seductive spell by counting down slowly. Once in a sleepy state, I increase your excitement and arousal on thoughts of ditching that bltch girlfriend of yours for real. First I begin with a short comparison between me and her. Besides her lack of beauty, intelligence and control, how idiotic would it feel to tribute her? Ridiculous right? Now focus on how good it feels to tribute me. Today I make you think about different scenarios that I want you to live out to make her leave you, such as telling your girlfriend how excited you get with you pay me. Asking her for money to hand straight to me. Stealing her stuff to sell and giving me the cash. How you are going to look her in the eye, run out, tribute me and repeat it. How you are going to tell her how bad your sex life is and how she is reponsible. Tell her how hard you get just by listening to my voice. I am even going to make you build a shrine to me in the middle of the night whilst she sleeps, so you can go and stroke worship with her cash and credit card in hand. Tell her you don't love her any more. Take a photo of her crying and point out how excited I will get just to see her cry. Her tears lead to satisfaction, freedom and a much more intense form of servitude. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MINDFUCK, HOMEWRECKER, MENTAL DOMINATION, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, MONEY FETISH, RIPOFF, GODDESS WORSHIP, HUMILIATION, FEMDOM, FEMDOM POV.