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Posted: 09/14/2013
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I've invited you over for some fun. All this flirting at the work place, there's obviously sexual tension between us. I know you are married, but it doesn't seem like it, all the shopping trips you take me on, the happy hours, the flirtatious touching....  I get you rock hard in my bedroom, and then turn on you....  You may be my boss at work, but not anymore bitch! I'm the boss and I've decided what is going on at the workplace from now on.... or your wife is  going to find out about where all that money has been going. She's not gonna be the slightest bit amused. I let you jerk off for me, tease you and make you my bitch.  I think you'd rather jerk off to me anyway in this newly arranged situation. You think it's hot I control you, your life and have power over your marriage.  I love being the boss!