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Hey sis, I fucked your boyfriend

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Posted: 04/10/2013
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Hey little sis.. so I was snooping through that lame diary of yours again and I found out some info on that new boyfriend you have and how great his 9" dick is. I have to admit sis, for a loser like you I was pretty impressed, but of course I couldn't allow you to have a hotter boyfriend than me! So I called him up and I fucked him.. that's right, he said I'm the best he's ever had and he doesn't know why he was ever even with you! He doesn't want an ugly little dork like you anymore. Just accept it.. you'll always be the less attractive one, the less popular one, and the one who never gets the hottest guys. If you even THINK about dating another hot guy again, I will find out about it and I'll steal that one from you too! Haha! You will always be the ugly little girl stuck in your perfect big sisters shadow!