Samantha Grace

Extensive Chair Tie Part Two the Whole Picture MOV

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Posted: 09/30/2011
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Category: Bondage
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Kidnapping , BBW , High Heels , Pantyhose/Stockings , Submissive Sluts

I feel a need to write a bit of a background about this clip. I shot this while Eric Cane a while back and I decided to go all out. I wanted to try rather intense bondage. I know from the POV of the camera it may not seem as intense as I felt. But at many points you can see the look in my face. I was tied like this for probably over one hour. Eric did a number of rather intense gags and even shot pictures. We even did a first part of this video with gags and a different prospect. I posted that video before this one. I almost consider this video part two. This part is about the struggling and seeing the full prospect of the tie.


Now for the actual storyline, that goes with the video....


I am captured in a dark and dank basement belonging to the sadistic manic. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. But he just seemed so quiet, harmless and nice. I awake tied to a posted in this basement. My hair is tied back to the hair. My hands and feet are connected, I can barely move. There are moments were my moment, slows because I am actually trying to escape and pick at knots with my hands which are behind my back. It's nearly impossible to pick at them!



 Eric doesn't stop there, he finds his harness gag and uses that on me. Once gagged, he pulls me all the way back. So, it is SUPER uncomfortable. This is the kind of tie that really pushes a person's limit. Also, remember my drool is sliding down my throat and I make a lot of crazy gagging sounds. While in this tie, our manic Eric takes some ransom photo's to send off to my f****y. I mean after all, he played nice because he knew my f****y would give him millions for my release. By this point I had been in the rope for well over a hour. I am completely EXHAUSTED and can barely move.


This part of the video shows all the angels of the tie. You can really see the intensity. Even if this is a chair tie, it is rather difficult. I would place, the difficult level of this shoot is classic Eric Cane style.