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Degrading the foot loser

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Posted: 11/11/2013
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Mistress B and I have had a few drinks, and we get to talking about just how pathetic and stupid you foot losers are! Really you would do anything to kneel down in front of our soles and worship every inch of our 4 perfect feet and toes! Worshipping every crease and arch and wrinkle just like the freak you are. Our feet are so sweaty and tired after a long day of having fun and abusing you fucks, but you're still so desperate to inhale that sweet sweaty aroma aren't you? Hahaha! We think you're soo disgusting! You deserve to be smothered in our stinky feet and f****d to choke on them like the dirty little foot bitch that you are!! We want to cram our toes down your nasty throat and punish you for being such an idiot but you get hard just thinking about it!! You are such a LOSER for FEET! I bet you cum even while we mock and abuse you for having such a pathetic and disgusting fetish!! LOL

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