Christina Q

Chastity Check-In : Week One

Price: $10.00
Clip length: 00:12:11
Posted: 01/20/2013
File size: 158.79 MB
Category: Chastity
Secondary categories:
Cock Tease , CBT , Bondage

We have arranged for a once-a-week personal visit for a month-long chastitysession. Today marks the end of week one.

This is not one of those clips where the client attains a chastity orgasm at the end.This is a tease clip. Sure the pressure against the plastic must be awful, butit's all the accumulated time that makes this experience truly excruciating, Iimagine. Zip ties are a great way to to prohibit much struggling. The clientjust lays there like an inanimate object, because it's too difficult to move. Theclient endures a truly horrible tease job, until the client is at a fever pitch offrustration.

I have no mercy. It's fetish. He'll only become more addicted.

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