Goddess Saffron

Caged and Owned

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Posted: 05/22/2016
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Category: Chastity
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Tit Worship , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Ass Worship , Orgasm Denial , Orgasm Control , Female Domination
All men are slaves to their penises. What better way for a Goddess to control a man than by controlling his cock. It's a no brainer. Slip on that chastity device, theres a good boy. Seeing you unable to stroke whilst in that cock cage is not enough suffering for you. The more you suffer the better. Pain will become your pleasure when it comes to serving me. Because the more you suffer, the more obedient you are. I want to you throbbing in that tight little cage as it presses firmly agains you, inflicting more and more pain. Today I am going to deepen that pain by subjecting you to my perfection. You are going to there, in desperation and watch. Look how much control I have over you now. Soon you will be on your knees, crying and begging to serve. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: CHASTITY, ORGASM DENIAL, FEMDOM, FEMDOM POV, GODDESS WORSHIP, SLAVE TRAINING.