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Busting your balls with SPIKES

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Posted: 03/01/2013
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Category: Ball Busting
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Shoes , Boots , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Strength

There you are, you disgusting little creep! I knew you'd be here trying to spy on me again. You think I haven't noticed you peeking at me while I'm getting ready to go out? Oh I have, I was just waiting for my new shoes to come in the mail.. do you like these long sharp spiked toe heels? I'm gonna look so good when I go out tonight.. you know, so I can be seen by REAL men who actually DESERVE to look at me. But first you're gonna get what you deserve!! You are such a pathetic wimpy loser, the fact that you even look at me at all makes me sick!! I've got you cornered now so spread your legs you fucking pussy.. I'm gonna enjoy mocking you while I bash your sad excuse for balls!! Oh shut up you little bitch, it's not like any girl would have ever wanted them anyway.