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Babysitters Revenge

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Posted: 08/21/2013
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Category: Humiliation
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School Girl , Femdom POV , Cuckolding , CFNM , Brat Girls

So your parents called me last minute to come over and babysit your dorky ass. I'm calling my boyfriend on my phone and he turns me on soo much, we start making plans for him to sneak over later. Maybe we'll even fuck on your moms bed! Haha! Just when the conversation starts really heating up, I notice you hiding in the doorway listening in!! What a little creep!! Omg, I have to tell my boyfriend about this... This little twerp was getting a hard-on listening to us talking about fucking! He probably hasn't even had sex with a girl before! Ew, do you think he was gonna watch us have sex?! Gross!! Now my boyfriend is pissed and wants to kick your scrawny ass!! You definitely deserve it for being such a little virgin nerd! I tell my boyfriend to come and beat you up right now and bring his dads rope over while he's at it... we have plans for you dweeb!! Let's see if you learn your lesson after we beat you, strip you naked, tie you up with your little balls pulled tight behind you and lock your pathetic ass in the closet while we fuck all night on YOUR bed!! LOL!!