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7 Days of Edging - Reward & Release

Price: $199.99
Clip length: 00:09:13
Posted: 03/24/2018
File size: 357.32 MB
Category: JOI
Secondary categories:
Masturbation Instruction , Cum Eating Instruction , Orgasm Control

Were you a good boy? Were you edging your cock over the last week, stroking to Me but never cumming?! I bet you probably even went beyond the required 3 daily edging sessions and edged even more for Me, huh? Now it’s a week later and I’m sure your balls are SOOO swollen and FULL… all for Me. Hehehe… well since you’ve been working up such an appetite lately, I’m going to take full advantage of you being EXTRA weak and horny. Mmmm… finally, your release & reward is here, but is it exactly what you wanted? Doesn’t matter.. it’s what I want, and I know how horny you are you can’t HELP but to obey. Enjoy :)

**Remember the original instructions - you may pay $50 directly or $200 publicly. Choice is yours :) **