Ceara Lynch

5 Stages of Ceara - Escape

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Clip length: 00:08:18
Posted: 06/16/2019
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Category: Female Domination

Stage 4

You have seen the light! Finally escaping from the darkness of your hopeless addiction to me. A couple of days have passed since you last thought about me, but I’ve always been there lurking still in the shadows of your memory. You think you’re stronger now, able to endure the temptation to return to servitude, you’ve even gone so far and deleted all my clips from your hard drive. Just as soon as you think you’ve beaten me, I begin creeping back into your mind. That victorious feeling of being free of my clutches soon tightens around your cock once more. At first you struggle to forget my existence, but the more you fight seems to make you even more obsessed with your desire to worship me. You’re so close, but will you ever be able to truly get rid of me…