4 Pint Milk Bloat on Boat!

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Posted: 06/12/2017
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My belly's been getting bigger and I couldn't wait to show off how fat I've gotten recently! We had a bottle of milk going spare and I didn't want to waste it do I decided to store it in my great, fat gut. I began to chug it, crunching on a couple of choloate biscuits between each pint or so. In just over 10 minutes, a full 4 pints (Over 2 litres!) of milk were inside of me, along with my snack, amd I had a monster of a belly ache ;)

My first bloat on our boat, I really challenged myself, downing the milk faster than I ever have before! I find it hard to deal with that much milk filling my belly in one go, especially so fast. Just imagine how uncomfortable I felt after gulping all of that... I felt sick, bloated and SO sloshy, but didn't have time to even let the milk settle for long before Luce and I went to the cinema just after I finished filming this video! My belly and bladder were BURSTING!

There are lots of belly rubs and a few milky burps here but most of my gas stayed trapped inside of me. What a big, bad, bloated belly ache I had on my boat... and it won't be the last!

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