30 Minute Metronome Edging Challenge JOI

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Posted: 07/07/2017
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Category: Masturbation Instruction
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JOI , Financial Domination , Ruined Orgasms , Orgasm Control

Are you ready for 30 minutes of jerking it to the beat? This will be an incredibly difficult edging challenge. I'll be using a metronome to control your stroking; 1 beat = 1 stroke, and you're not allowed to miss a single beat. If you get to the edge during the beat, you need to pause the clip, take two deep breaths and then resume. If you cum before given permission or skip beats there is a small financial fine to pay. I start you off fast to get you to the edge quickly, and change up the beat frequently. I tease with my hot ass and big tits, as well as mixing in some fake cum countdowns and pauses to keep your cock guessing. Can you make it all the way through? How much cock control do you have?