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Sick Margotz Bathroom Heavy Breathplay

Price: $18.99
Clip length: 00:18:22
Posted: 07/13/2020
File size: 182.01 MB
Category: Breath Play
Secondary categories:
Fetish , Sub Training , Smother , Bondage , BDSM

Protagonist: SICK MARGOTZ

Sick Margotz is in her second BreathPlay session but the games get heavy! She is wearing a shiny black PVC dress. A wonderful body!

In this session we use several swimcaps.

She is in the mirror when Mad arrives, ties her wrists behind her back and puts her on her knees. The first event is with a very thin yellow swimcap. Wonderful lipstick against the swimcap.

The second event is with a wisteria swimcap. The third event is with the wisteria swimcap on the head and with a black swimcap on the face. The latest event is with the black swimcap.

During the session Mad will pass his hand over Sick Margotz's face and body sheathed in PVC. At each event, the time required before she can breathe fresh air will increase. Sick Margotz will try to free herself and resist. Her moans and moans will f***e Mad to put a hand on her mouth over the swimcap.

A very spectacular session.

Shoot in FULL HD Video.Good Fun!