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Lovepain Dungeon Plastic Breathplay

Price: $17.99
Clip length: 00:17:15
Posted: 03/28/2019
File size: 221.66 MB
Category: Breath Play
Secondary categories:
Fetish , Sub Training , Latex , Smother , Bondage

Protagonist: LovePain

Lovepain is wearing a purple latex dress; tight as a second skin and very shiny! We are in a dungeon...

This session is composed by 3 events: white small plastic bag, saranwrap and purple big plastic bag.

First event: Lovepain is saranwrapped to an iron pole, white plastic bag is lowered on her head and sealed on neck by hands.

Second event: Lovepain is still saranwrapped to the pole but now the saranwrap is even on her head! A small hole in the saranwrap is placed for a breathe and then hand over mouth. (2 times)

Last event: LovePain is ziptied to the pole, a big plastic bag is lowered on her body and sealed on neck by hands and then pulling from behind (3 times).

LovePain is a new follower of breathplay and her suffering reactions are definitely a must see!

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