Mistress Salem

101 Dominations: Sadistic Puppy Play

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Posted: 09/24/2018
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Tease & Denial , Femdom POV , Ass Worship , Ruined Orgasms , Chastity

I'm beginning a rescue shelter for stray puppy dogs, a sanctuary for good boys under the command of a kinky Goddess. As the first puppy to be adopted by Goddess, you're nervous & excited to learn that I have surprises- gifts from My boyfriend's summer European vacation- the perfect accessories to cement your place as the first slave officially inducted into My puppy play sanctuary!I'm going to call you puppy & I want you on all fours looking up at Me, tongue out, panting with desire wagging your tail doing your best to stay still. So, puppy, while My sexy well-hung boyfriend was overseas he came across some interesting gifts for Me in a random marketplace. Only he would recognize the potential of these items- a well-crafted handmade leather dog collar along with an intricate leather harness to muzzle your dumb drooling dog mouth... and finally, My favorite gift: an antique muzzle, obviously made for a little puppy, made out of metal- it looks JUST like a chastity device! When he gave it to Me I could barely contain Myself- so turned on by the idea of using the metal muzzle to cage a puppy's cock during a collaring ceremony! I see your tail wagging so excitedly as I explain what I'm going to do to you with each object & taunt you by shaking My ass in your face & using My sweet talking to mindfuck your puppy brain. I'm feeling playful, powerful & so turned on by your obedience- you're such a lucky little puppy!I collar you, petting your puppy head, tease you with My body & with tales of all My plans for you. I'm even thinking about taking you out to the dog park where you can perv on all My friends & make friends with their puppies- I show you the muzzle you'll wear to keep you silent while you drool on your leash, getting you so excited with My plans for you as I stand above you, tease you with My ass & show you the best part of your training: the cock cage I have for your puppy penis. It's so easy to turn you into My dog, to implant the obsession of My smell, the desire to serve Me loyally! My pussy is satisfied by genuine Man cock- so your cock is going to puppy prison! No way you're reproducing under My watch.The cock cage is such an act of surrender that your puppy cock gets hard when you grind into it! I can't even believe how turned on you are by the sensations of My voice whispering in your ear, hands on your body, petting you, restraining you... but then again, I'm not too surprised to realize that it's just one more stroke of luck for you stray puppy- when you're dressed up in all My gifts being a good boy for Goddess looking up in worship, I decide that I want you to grind up against the metal of the chastity cage! Keep grinding while I shake My ass in your face, taunt you relentlessly, laughing as I show you how to fuck your cock cage!When you hump & cum & push against the metal of your cage you can't help it- you have to cum- I command you to keep grinding your cock in its cage against the floor even, whatever it takes for you to just bust right there in your cage. My good puppy, My sweet doggy, is this fucked up ruined orgasm worth it? Keep humping and find out!!! Squeeze it out through the walls of your cage! This is the beginning of My male rescue shelter & a fun sadistic sexy satisfying Salem style puppy play session. We'll see if you pass the first test!CLIP CONTAINS: puppy play, ruined orgasm, chastity, ass worship, dog training, female supremacy, tease & denial, masturbation instruction, cuckold, humiliation, pet play, mind fuck, collaring, BDSM toys, laughing, tall goddess, bratty goddess, roleplay, fantasy, sub training, femdom POV