Rhythm Of My Shoes JOI
This is a custom clip, no names are used. Here is the scenario: I am sitting down (legs crossed) and I know you want to sleep with Me. The problem is, I don't think you're big enough and you probably can't last long enough for Me. I suggest we make a bet. If you can last 2 min of My jerk off instructions then you can sleep with Me. If you cant last, then you have to pay a bill for Me. The bet is that you have to jerk it and you have to keep pace with My leg and foot while I keep it crossed. When the bet starts I have My legs crossed and am moving My foot and leg (slowly at first) and very cocky-like saying "you shouldnt have taken the bet, I'm gonna own your cock and I'm going to f0rce you to bust your load." As time progresses I pick up the pace with movement of My leg and foot (while keeping My legs crossed) I do a countdown. As I hit the final number on the countdown I mock you for cumming so quickly and tell you that you have to pay the bill. I laugh at how fast I made you bust your load and offer a "double or nothing". I change to a pair of flat sandals and cross My legs again. I explain that I have size 11 feet and there is no way that an average cock can handle legs so long and feet so big. I continue to mock how fast I can make little dicks cum and how you don't stand a chance with Me. I count down again... mocking how I made you bust a second load so quickly. I change into a third pair of heels/sandals, cross My legs again and explain that I want a pair of shoes bought for Me from My wishlist. I tell you to bring your girlfriend into the room and start talking to her. I have My legs crossed and tell her that I own her boyfriend's little cock now and I will be collecting cum taxes and gifts and there is nothing she can do about it. I mock her by saying, look at your little dick boyfriend getting hard to Me, and you have to watch Me make him cum super fast like you never could. I count down laughing for a third time (mocking the GF as well) and tell you to "get shopping" because I own this little cock now.
Shopping Spree JOI
This is a follow-up to My top-selling clip, "Shopping Spree Tease." I've made my way into your jewelry store today, but to be honest, I don't intend to spend any of My money here. I'm such a spoiled Princess and I NEVER pay for ANYTHING. EVER. I just use My body and My mind to manipulate men into giving Me everything I desire. And today is no different. I try on all types of jewelry: necklaces, rings, diamonds, gold; teasing you the entire time. Of course I want them all and so I come up with a plan. If I can make you jerk-off and cum today in front of Me, then I get to take whatever I want from your store. But if I don't get you to cum then I will actually spend some of My own money here. Sounds totally fair, right?
Hot Teacher Footjob
You've been such a good student most of the year, but recently I've noticed that you've become distracted. I couldn't figure out what it was at first, but then I wore a pair of open-toed pumps earlier this week and noticed that you couldn't help but stare at My pretty toes the whole class period! So I thought about how to fix this little problem and I came up with an excellent solution: I'm going to give you a quick foot job until you cum, right here, right now. This way you can get it out of your system and go back to focusing on your studies like a good boy!   Custom clip, no names are used.
YES Princess
I'm always in control. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. And this clip is no different. All I want you to do is focus on Me, My face, My body, My voice. My instructions for this clip are simple: you need to repeat after Me and answer every question with, "Yes Princess." Just reading those words gets you hard. You live to please Me, you live to follow My instructions. So that's what you're going to do. Just sit back and turn your brain off. It's time for Me to do the thinking for you.
Jerk---But Only to My Feet
You love jerking off to Me, don't you? I know you do, you can't get enough of it! But now I want to try something a little different. I don't care if you have a foot fetish or not, today you're going to be jacking off to ONLY My feet! lolol yeah, I just love toying with you sometimes...and this seems like a fun new way to do it. I want you to completely ignore My tits and ass and focus instead on My cute toes, My wrinkly soles, the delicate shape of My size 11 feet. Good boy. Now I'm going to count you down while you jerk to only My feet. Do it. Cum for My feet.
FinDom My Way
You all know that I am one of the original online Financial Dommes in the scene. Perhaps one of My old clips was the one that first ignited this fetish for you. Today I'm going to use My power and skill to remind you what Financial Domination is supposed to look like, supposed to be. I don't have to strip for you to get what I want. All I care about is your ca$h, absolutely nothing else. You're going to hand over what is rightfully Mine without much of a fight, and without expecting anything in return. This is FinDom My Way.
I Have Big Tits to Make You Pay
Look at Me in this sexy shiny spandex. Isn't this such a hot outfit? I'm sure your eyes are immediately drawn to My big beautiful boobs. I don't blame you, they are pretty spectacular. Do you want to know why I have such big tits? It's simple really: I have big tits so that men like you will have no choice but to pay Me. I use these tits to get exactly what I want out of everyone. I never pay for My own drinks, I don't have to wait in lines, men are tripping over themselves to get an ounce of My time. And trust Me, I love all of the attention! But do you know what I love even more? The fact that My big tits make losers like you PAY. So get that wallet out and worship Me.
Think About Me While U Fuck Her 2
I'm back again, here to royally fuck up your sex life in the most delicious way possible once again. Just look at Me: shiny blonde hair, luscious long legs, full round tits, the picture of perfection in comparison to your used up old wife. She certainly doesn't look like this. She doesn't wear sexy stockings like this, or move her body like I do, she can't even begin to measure up to Me. But I still want you to fuck her...I just want you thinking about Me the entire time. Shouldn't be too hard, should it?
My slaves Swallow
That's right; all of My obedient little slaves swallow their cum for Me. And you want to be one of My obedient little slaves, don't you? Yet still you consistently fail to eat your own load like I tell you to. Don't you want to please Me? Don't you want to make Me happy? Then today you will listen, obey, and swallow for Me. It's that easy. When you watch Me tease you and listen to Me taunt you, you won't be able to stop yourself from tasting every.last.drop. Do it! Swallow for your Princess.
Pay My Ass
It's that time again, ass addicts! It's time for you to get on your knees, get your wallet out, and worship My ass. I know how much you love watching Me tease you, how much you love to watch Me grab My butt, spank it, squeeze it. And even more than you love watching and worshipping, you really love paying. So that's what you're going to do in this hot clip. I'm going to tease you with My body, pull My tiny panties down, and instruct you to pay My ass like it absolutely deserves. (I had some focus issues in this clip, but it is still very hot and the preview image is an accurate portrayal of the quality.)
De4th Grip
De4th Grip. Maybe you've heard of it? It's the tragic result of excessive masturbation with too tight of a grip. It can get so bad that men with unrestrained jerk-off habits develop erectile dysfunction and can only stay hard while they're getting themselves off. Sounds familiar, huh? Yeah, I know how much you love wanking your dick to Me and My clips. So I think I'm just going to encourage your nasty little habit. That's right, I want you to jerk-off even FASTER and HARDER for Me! I want it to get so bad that the only way you can cum is by jerking your dick to Me! Shouldn't be too difficult...you're already well on your way to a debilitating case of de4th grip.
Seductive Fingers
This is similar to one of My most popular clips ever, “Lexie IS your type.” I spend the majority of the clip mesmerizing you with my gaze while licking and sucking on my fingers; I know how much this turns you on. And I know how much you want to cum for Me. And guess what? You’re going to cum for Me today. But there’s a twist: I’m best friends with your girlfriend and I want her to ride your cock while I’m teasing you with My tongue and My fingers. So when I finally count you down to cum, I want you to cum inside of her! This will have such a powerful effect on you that every time you fuck her, you’ll only be thinking about Me; My powerful gaze, My sexy fingers and tongue. You’re fucked for life.
Craving JOI
You've really been missing Me in My absence; haven't you, addict? You're just completely addicted to My jerk-off instructions and My hot body teasing you on your screen. You miss Me so much that you find yourself CRAVING My instructions, craving My voice, craving every inch of My being. You jerk-off by yourself all the time, but isn't it just so much better when I tell you exactly what to do? When I tell you how fast to stroke? When I tell you to stop and go? When I give you a cum countdown? You've been craving Me for weeks. There's no way you can resist this.
Barely Blackmail
I know you've been thinking about blackmail for awhile now; the idea of it completely consumes your thoughts. You've bought several blackmail clips, and you love every second of them. You love listening to Me telling you that I'm going to take over your life, your finances, that I'm going to gain complete control to do whatever I please. And yet, you never follow through with My instructions. Well all of that changes today. See, I know what the problem is. My other blackmail clips have been just a little too extreme for your feeble little mind. So today, I'm going to ask you for some really basic information. I'm not even sure if this constitutes as real blackmail and that's why I'm calling this one: barely blackmail.
Choose: Me Or Cock
I know you love jerking your dick to Me. I know that My sexy body makes you so hard, and I totally turn you on. But there's something else you've been fantasizing about lately, isn't there? Yeah there is. I know that lately you've been dreaming about big hard cocks a little too much, haven't you? Well today I'm going to give you a choice: you can either jerk to Me, or jerk-off to all of these hard dicks that I am about to show you. It's a hard decision, isn't it? We both turn you on, we both get you hard, but I think dick might just excite you a little more, lol. It's funny because if you choose to wank your dick to other guys over Me then it probably means you're a faggot, faggot! hahahaha....but I don't know....maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you're straight and won't jerk to these dicks at all. Not even when I'm showing you cock after cock while giving you a sexy cum countdown...