Zoey Foxx Gets Mindfucked

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Clip length: 00:17:30
Posted: 03/13/2014
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Category: Erotica

Starring Zoey Foxx and Alex Dorian

Directed by Alex Dorian

Zoey Foxx is burnt out. She's been working hard nights and going to school during the day.

Her friend Alex comes over to see her, and she is fast asleep on her bed.

He wakes her up and tells her that he could help alleviate her stress through a mind-fuck technique, she agrees and they move to the couch

He guides her into a s***p and brings her back under his control.

He has her strip her robe off, then orders her to play with her tits, then makes her play with her tight pussy.

Zoey fingers her pussy, bringing her close to orgasm, when Alex orders her to stop and to start organizing her room, making her bed and cleaning up a bit.

Alex has her hand her robe to him, and he orders her on the ground. He throws her robe down on the ground and orders her to crawl to it and pick it up and hand it to him, then he throws it on the ground again and makes her crawl to pick it up again.

He orders her onto the bed, then has her finish fingering her pussy until she cums

Fetish Elements: Mind Fuck, Nudity, Control, Female Training, Stripping, Cleaning, Yes Master, s/M, Crawling, Masturbation, Fingering

Presented in 1280x720 High Definition MP4 Format

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