Luna Lain

Your Wish Is My Commode - Addie Juniper & Luna Lain

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Posted: 03/17/2018
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Double Domination , Giantess , Femdom POV , Ass Worship , Female Domination

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Luna Lain is amused that your wish to worship her ass has come true, but not in the way you intended. Now that you have shrunk down to a small, pathetic being, your new home will be inside her toilet.

There is no way she can get you out of there, so you are stuck. On the plus side, you will enjoy her ass every single day. Get ready to  open your mouth wide and swallow everything that comes down your throat. This is your new life.

Addie Juniper walks up and is confused that Luna is talking to her toilet. Once she explains what is going on, Addie is excited that she can humiliate you in such a degrading way. Since this is the only way your tiny little penis gets hard, this is the perfect solution! Get a good look as they pull their panties to the side and show you their pussy and assholes. This is the closest you could ever get to them.

Your new home is so stinky and there is no way you can keep your head above water. Are you wishing that you had chosen your wording better?

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