Sarah DiAvola

your Parents Can't Save you, Fuck Slave!

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Posted: 03/26/2019
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Older Woman/Younger Man , Handjobs , Femdom POV , Brat Girls , Forced Orgasms

CUSTOM: "Sheer black stockings no shoes. You have me tied up on the bed. You're my new stepmom and you tell me you (destroyed) my ***. Just before you did it, you told her you're going to mol her little boy. You loved watching her cry as you told her all the dirty things you'll do to me and how you're going to train me to be a whore you p1mp out to female ch1ld mols.

You then seduced my f****r into marriage and now he's too weak to stop you. I'm crying and scared now, but you know just how to break little boys. You find out how we like to be touched until we can't resist the pleasure. You start kissing me and touching me while taunting me how you (destroyed) my m****r but can still make me cum.

You start kissing my neck and I start moaning and getting hard. You love hearing my gasps and how I beg you to stop. Start stroking me. Laugh at how all boys give in to their m****r's (destroyer). You're going to keep doing this every night until I'm unable to resist you and give in like all the others.

No one can save me. It's only a matter of time before I break.

Then you'll p1mp me out to ped women who pay you to have their way with me.

Stop stroking and show me how you'll train me to cum on your tits, or while you suck my cock and balls, or getting fucked with a strapon, etc. until I'm ready.

Then you'll invite women to live out their fantasies on me while you watch.

Stroke me till I cum saying I'll soon be your obedient sex toy like you promised my m****r you would before you (destroyed) her and laugh."