Your mommas gf want a baby from you!

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Posted: 02/28/2019
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(impregnantion fantasy from allready pregnant lol)

Customer wrote : Thanks for coming over tonight to help your mom’s best friend.

·       I must admit that I lied.·       I have no furniture to move.·       I have another special request.·       I have watched you grow into such a man.·       I want to have sex with you.·       I want your firm, young sperm in my womb.·    ·       I trust you completely.·       I read the best sperm comes from young men.·       Of course I will not tell your ***.  ·       Your *** is my best friend.·       So will you help me put a bun in the oven?·       Trust me, your little girlfriend does not have skills that I do.Part 2 – Heating up Action ·       Action – Laying down on back with camera getting face, breast and honeypot (No real dildo needed just pretend)Lines        ·       Wow, your cock is already hard.·       I thought I would have to seduce you more.·       I guess you really want this cougar.·       Is my pussy prettier than your girlfriend’s (Spread legs)?·       Good answer.·       I want your cock inside of me now.·       Oh damn,·       You already are hitting the bottom.·       You should slow down.·       You are pounding me too fast.·       You are going to shoot to quick.·       Oh it feels so good.·       Breed me you stud.·       Let it go.·       I told you that you could not last at this pace.·       Young stud.·       Breath and let me get that second nut out of you. Part 3 – Climax Action ·       Mount me on the bed.·       POV sex on bed with camera looking up at breast and face.·       Fake riding (grab breast)Lines·       Time to get you hard again.·       Just imagine how good it is going to be when your mom’s best friend mounts you.·       My pussy is extra pink today.  This means I am extra fertile.·       You are going to give the rest of your seed.·       Oh you are inside of me again.·       Nice and slow this time.·       Let this cougar squeeze that cock.·       I will clench you.·       You have never had pussy like this.·       So wet, so tight and taboo.·       Your *** would be so pissed knowing you were fucking me.·       That is it.·       Long and strong strokes.·       Oh, you look almost there.·       Go ahead.  ·       Let go.·       Yes, give me that you seed.·       Breed me.·       Shoot it deep.Part 4 – Climax Action ·       Any position.Lines·       Thank you my young stud.·       Let’s do this tomorrow.·       Just tell you *** that you are going to a friend’s house.·       I want to make you into a man.·       Plus, I want a baby.·       Our secret baby that no one who will never know the f****r of.