You In Your Place 3

Price: $20.00
Clip length: 00:29:10
Posted: 12/23/2014
File size: 775.3 MB
Category: Super Heroine

Starring Katerina Kay and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Katerina is normally a pop star, but today she’s dressed up as Ms. Professional. She’s in an office, wearing a skirt suit acting calm and quaint. Miles is a photographer and he’s shocked to see Katerina this way, still used to the bubbly pop star he encountered before.

Katerina says the reason she called Miles in is that she wants to be feel like a professional independent woman and have a man she can dominate. Miles says ok, but first wants Katerina to take a selfie with his camera, sort of for old times sake.

What Katerina doesn’t know is Miles’ camera is a freezing device. She takes the selfie, and now she’s frozen and Miles is ready to have the fun he’s been waiting for.

He strips down her skinny tan body and plays with her like a barbie doll. He poses her touching her feet, talking on the phone, and bent over. He even puts her on a dolly and hauls her into the kitchen. There Miles gets to play some house with his nude barbie and cleans the coffee machine, and makes a fresh cup for the both of them.

After dollying her back into the office where they began, he puts her in some more positions and begins to snap some photos. Some on the phone with one leg awkwardly on the table getting a nice up skirt shot (if she was wearing a skirt), and some with here crouched into a ball with her asshole puckered out in the air nicely. He unsheathes a glass dildo and puts it in her mouth to snap a few more photos, with his final photo showing her holding a dildo frozen with a sign on her forehead reading “out of order”.

Fetish Elements: Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Stripping, Model, Photography, Cleaning, Sexy, Body Views

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