Luna Lain

Wrestling Knockouts - Andrea Rosu & Luna Lain

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Posted: 03/22/2019
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Category: Wrestling
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Sleeping - Knockouts , Muscular Women , Female Fights , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Tall Luna Lain can't believe short Andrea Rosu thinks she can beat her in a fight. They smack talk and Luna charges Andrea only to be choked out by her throat. Waking up, she assumes Andrea cheated, but is put in a scissorhold. She chest sits and watches Luna's eyes cross before she's sleeping again. Ragdolling her arms into embarrassing positions is more fun than dominating her!

As she rouses, Luna's wedgied by her bikini bottoms and hair pulled before going into a scissorhold. Out again, Andrea strips her bikini top and smacks her ass. Embarrassed to be exposed, she tries to cover up, but Andrea pinches her nipples. Andrea shows off her strong legs but Luna doesn't believe she can be beaten. More scissorholding takes her breath away and she struggles to keep her eyes open. Slumping on Andrea's legs, she helpless to defend herself as Andrea strips her Brazilian bikini. When she awakens and tries to redress, Andrea armholds her to sleepy land.

Luna admits defeat and apologizes for her cockiness, but Andrea squeezes her thick thighs around her neck and listens to her gasp. Flexing her muscles, she maintains her claim of muscular superiority!


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