Hannah in Fetish Land

Wonder Woman Captured

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Posted: 03/21/2019
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Lesbian , Forced Orgasms , Nipples , Bondage

Cali Logan, otherwise known as The Maid, has set up a plan to overthrow Wonder Woman. She poses as a damsel in distress, ballgagged and tied up spread eagle on the bed. There's a vibrator turned on between her legs. It forces her to orgasm over and over, much to her feigned desperation, yet actual pleasure. Her plot is to lure Wonder Hannah (Hannah Perez) into the trap of untying this apparent victim, then subduing her into the same situation. 

Wonder Woman arrives and does as planned. Once The Maid is free, she remains behind Hannah and prepares to knock her out. Caught off guard, the superheroine is overtaken, tied up and gagged in her sleepy state. She awakens tied similarly to the bed. The Maid takes her time taunting and teasing Wonder Hannah, at first taking humiliating photos and selfies with her to share with the public. She then removes Wonder Hannah's lasso and wraps it around her, prompting her to tell the truth. When asked to do so, Wonder Hannah admits that she enjoys being tied up, helpless and wants The Maid to play with her. The Maid obliges. They kiss, play with each other's boobies and take turns reaching orgasm. As a final explosive finale, The Maid straps a stick of dynamite to Wonder Hannah's thigh, leaving her to enjoy the orgasmic panic of her final moments. 

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