Sherry Stunns

Who Is Stronger - Nyxon & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/11/2018
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Nyxon and Sherry Stunns are in a playful strength test. They start off with flexing their biceps before diving into a bearhug. With ease, Sherry lifts Nyxon and spins her around. Nyxon get Sherry slightly off the ground but it is not easy for her!   A cradle carry looks so graceful as Sherry spins Nyxon around. Things do not go as well for Nyxon who can only get one of Sherry's muscular legs off the ground.

A piggy back should be easy for both and Sherry knocks it out of the park and bounces up and down. Nyxon is hesitant and surprised when she is able to lift her off the ground,  but keeps it to a walk.  Sherry wants to try bench pressing and while it is fun to fly through the air, Nyxon is concerned that she cannot reciprocate the favor. She concedes that Sherry is indeed the stronger of the two.

They resume flexing their muscles and want to try again in a few months when Nyxon can practice!

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