Sherry Stunns

What's For Dinner - Alora Jaymes, Dakota Charms & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 03/23/2018
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Food , Giantess , Small Penis Humiliation , Amazons , Mouth

Alora Jaymes, Dakota Charms and Sherry Stunns pull their little man (POV) in the fridge and they want to nibble him while raw. Alora takes a big bite, but everyone balks that she eats too much.

Out comes the seasoning and they make his skin nice and tender while cooking in a pan. They sprinkle it on liberally so it will be extra tasty and the flesh crispy. As his dick shrinks in terror, they make fun of it but want him to cum as a creamy sauce for their tacos.

Their lips smack as they roll him in a tortilla and mock the tiny penis. Dakota can't help herself and really wants to eat his dick. The precum makes it extra tasty and they chew with their greedy lips. Alora takes the biggest bite and eats him whole causing grief for her friends.Time to find another little man to eat!


OTHER KEYWORDS- Alora James, @SherryStunns1, Sherry Stuns