Kate Big Boobs

Wet lesbian fun with pregnant Misha in the shower

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Posted: 03/12/2019
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(4 minutes)

Here, I’d like Kate to stand in the bathtub, while Misha stands outside of the bath. Mishathen turns on the shower water, and sprays the water all over Kate’s tits, getting her titsand bikini top soaking wet.

MISHA : ‘I know Gary loves to see your big tits, nice and wet, Kate.’

KATE : ‘I know, Misha, and I hope you are jerking off your cock to my big, wet, tits,Gary !’

Kate makes the ‘jerk off’ motion, with her hand going slowly up and down.

Now, after Kate’s tits are extremely wet, Misha then begins to squeeze and play withKate’s tits.

KATE : ‘You like this, Gary, yes ? You like to see Misha squeezing my tits, under thewater ?’

Then, Misha turns on the water again, and sprays Kate’s tits some more, getting themeven wetter than before.

KATE : ‘Yes, Misha ! Make my tits very wet !’

After they get more wet, Misha then goes back to squeezing Kate’s tits, under the runningwater.


(2 minutes)

Misha then takes off Kate’s bikini top, and starts to suck Kate’s nipples, under therunning shower water.

MISHA : ‘How is this, Gary ? You like to see me suck on Kate’s, nice, wet nipples, yes?’

KATE : ‘He loves it, Misha. Jerk off your cock, Gary, while you look at Misha suckingon my tits for you !’


(2 minutes)

Misha then turns Kate around and playfully bends her over in a standing doggystyleposition (shown in SIDE VIEW, not from behind). Misha then gets behind Kate and startsto hump her ass, under the shower water.

MISHA : ‘I know Gary likes to jerk off, seeing me fuck you from behind, Kate !’

Misha continues to hump away and reaches down to squeeze Kate’s tits, as well, as shedoes.

KATE : ‘Yes, Misha, fuck me from behind, as Gary jerks off his cock for us !’


(2 minutes)

Now, I’d like Misha to turn off the water, and Kate to step out of the bathtub. Misha thentakes a towel, and slowly dries off Kate’s wet tits, giving them a few kisses, as they getdry.