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Wayward D******r - Anabelle Pync

Price: $16.99
Clip length: 00:18:27
Posted: 01/26/2019
File size: 696.49 MB
Category: Embarrassment
Secondary categories:
Forced Stripping , Older Man/Younger Woman , Taboo , Power Tools , Lift and Carry

Anabelle Pync and her f****r enter the barn area and he tells her to face the forklift prong and lean over so that her body is in line with the prong. She is curious if his d******g problem came back, but he insists. He raises her 5 feet in the air and she is uncomfortable to be in such a position.

It becomes even more uncomfortable when he lowers her and then commands her to take her clothes off, but leave her shoes on. For some reasons he wants her to become accustomed to being in the air. She complies, but complains that the forklift is cold and pressures her clit. If she remains in this position, she would have an orgasm and that would be very wrong.He lowers her once again and tells her to lean over the forklift with her body perpendicular to the prong. Anabelle is convinced that he has lost his mind, but he threatens to cut off her funds, so she reluctantly complies.

When she is 8 feet in the air, she becomes very cold which Scott uses as an educational moment. The world is cold and cruel, and she needs to understand that. If she does not get more responsible, she will be completely alone and nobody will help her. He leaves her there for a few minutes to reflect on this and she spends her time struggling while airborne.