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Posted: 01/12/2018
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Category: Financial Domination
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Mindfuck , Goddess Worship , Female Domination , Domination

This clip is about losing it all to me, about destroying you financial and leaving you in the gutter. Handing your hard-earned money to a beautiful woman is your wildest sexual dream, it is what gets you off, makes your mind turn to mush and leaves you short of breath. I am here to remove everything from your wallet, your bank account, your savings jar. I demand it all and you will have no choice but to give it all to me! All of it! I will ruin you for life and then, I will come back for more! Can you imagine lying under a bridge, begging for some pocket money to please your Goddess?! Does the idea gets you off? Awww come on, even now your dick is hard! You know this is what you crave so much! You want to lose it all, you want to give the ultimate sacrafice! Buy this clip right now and give into what you crave most! RIGHT NOW!