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Vore Couple Anniversary Surprise - Savannah Costello & Emily Torvea

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:10:00
Posted: 02/16/2019
File size: 379.41 MB
Category: Vore
Secondary categories:
Role Play , Damsel in Distress , Socks , Pantyhose/Stockings , Legs

Emily Torvea is cranky and Scott Torvea asks why she's upset? She's irked that he didn't remember their anniversary but he's one step ahead of her with a surprise on the way. Knowing what that means, her face lights up and she hides behind the sofa.

Savannah Costello walks in and is confident that she can sell their house. Emily peeks over the couch admiring her snack and even grabs bits of hair to nibble on. Savannah thinks there are fleas in the house and keeps scratching her head. Inspecting the house, she's surprised to see Emily crouching behind the couch. Offering to help, Emily yanks her down and starts eating her!

Her legs kick and she cries that she's not food. Emily quickly consumes her dinner and belches out Savannah's clothes. This was a great present!