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Vinegar Feet - Anabelle Pync, Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets

Price: $17.99
Clip length: 00:19:01
Posted: 01/23/2018
File size: 721.76 MB
Category: Dirty Feet/Shoes
Secondary categories:
Socks , Foot Humiliation , Humiliation , Embarrassment , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Arielle Lane is always made fun for having stinky feet by the most popular girl in school, Anabelle. After a particularly nasty taunt, she goes home and finds her roommate upset about the constant stink of vinegar in the apartment. Jacquelyn Velvets accuses her of stealing used  socks for science experiments in hopes of a cure for her rank feet. It is disgusting and time for her to find a new roommate.

This humiliating day makes Arielle determined to get to the bottom of her extreme foot odor problem. She even puts an ad out for other women with the problem and looking for a cure. Imagine her surprise when Anabelle responds!

Anabelle Pync is reluctant but desperate for a cure, and they actually reminisce about when they were kids and had really stinky feet. These two smelly girls realize that they are just fine the way they are and obsessively looking for a cure does not matter as much because they can be stinky roommates! OTHER KEYWORDS-fetish, foot smelling, foot fetish, Arielle Lane, Jacquelyn Velvets, Anabelle Pync, Annabelle Pync, Jacqueline Velvets, long hair,