The Alison Miller

Villainess New To Being A Villain, Tries To Freeze You And Freezes Herself Instead

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Posted: 08/12/2017
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Hey there, I know you are here trying to recruit Me to be a super hero. But I am dead set on being a super villain and don’t try to stop Me. I have this power of freezing people, and I’m going to freeze YOU!!! Shut up, I don’t want to join you! I attempt to freeze you, but instead, I completely stop moving and blinking or anything! I come out of it. That was weird, why didn’t you freeze? I try a couple more times and keep freezing Myself and keep coming out of it confused. Finally, you let Me know that I’m just doing it to Myself and I should really join you for some training. No! I want to be bad. I try again and just keep freezing Myself. Eventually I give in and agree to join you. But somehow manage to freeze Myself again till the end.