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Posted: 03/20/2017
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Goddess is feeling horny and she needs some cock. Haha, but not loser cock! You won't be going inside me EVER, so get that hopeful look off your face. All my favorite fuckbuddies are busy however, so let’s see what we can do with you. First I’m going to tie you up, mmm yes just like that. Now I’m going to get myself nice and wet. Mmmm, yes god isn’t that so fucking hot? Here taste me. Mmmm, look at how hard you are and FUCK I’m horny. Maybe I can have some fun with that cock yet? Feel how good my pussy feels grinding up against you. Mmmm, just like that. Fuck that makes you so hard doesn’t it? Oh, but you’re not going IN me, I’m going to grind myself on that hard cock until I cum - then I’m going to leave you here, blue balled and all tied up.