Hannah in Fetish Land

Two Walked In, One Walks Out

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Clip length: 00:14:46
Posted: 03/11/2019
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Category: Female Fights
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Belly Punching , Beatdown , Sleeping - Knockouts , Cunt Busting , Female Domination

Suzanne (Hannah Perez) and Maudie (Sofia) are face to face and they are there for redemption. Maudie is smirking in ecsatsy because she is ready for this fight and to beat Suzanne. Maudie takes the first hit, making Suzanne fly back into the wall. Maudie takes control of the fight for a while not letting Suzanne get a hit in. She even helps Suzanne up just to knock her back down again. Maudie taunts Suzanne and expects a little more out of her and the fight. Throwing uppercuts, jabs and belly punches. Once Maudie feels like she has won this fight she gets up and fluffs her hair and touches up her lips. Telling Suzanne not everyone can look good and fight as she goes to walk out. But that wasn't the end for Suzanne. She gets up fueled by anger and tells Maudie sorry to disappoint and begins her punishment and redmeption on Maudie. Surprised but not willing to back down Maudie gets dominated and she still fights back after the same hits thrown to her along with some head butts to the crotch. Maudie wont be walking away this time. Suzanne makes her exit with being unapologetically happy that she won and impressed that Maudie can take a hit.